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Success in our industry begins and ends with the processing of credit files. Almost all credit repair companies these days use software programs that create disputes at the touch of a button. This process is GREAT—for the credit repair company—because it cuts down on their labor costs tremendously and allows them to do more disputes in a shorter amount of time.


At Texas Credit Specialists, we take a more hands-on approach. Utilizing our Ultra Audit process, all of our audits are performed by processors, not a computer. Each audit is individually prepared according to what our Research & Processing department has determined to be the method that will generate the best responses. Once the audits are ready, envelopes are printed by hand—not a printer. Yes, this method entails much more labor and expense, but it means much better results for our Clients.

CreditDesign SERVICE

TEXAS CREDIT SPECIALISTS’ CreditDesign Service assists our Clients in building credit scores through the addition of various types of credit-building products that TCS has at its disposal. These credit-building products are unsecured accounts and report to all 3 credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Most of these accounts are not score-driven, resulting in an over 90% approval rate, with limits up to $5,000!


Unlike Clients in most other credit repair programs, our Clients have a credit Consultant who will guide you throughout the program. This gives our Client someone that they can rely on to answer questions and help them accomplish their goals. If you would like more follow up and a personal touch, you can have your own Personal Consultant with TCS.


Our FDCPA Compliance Department attacks collectors that are communicating illegally with you. We refer cases to a qualified FDCPA Attorney who will file suit in Federal Court – and the bad collector will pay the bill! We have personally helped hundreds of Clients receive settlements from collections companies.


Our Vehicle Purchase Assistance Service does all the work for you: price negotiations, trade value research, financing placement and negotiations on the rate and down payment. This service is available for pre-owned vehicles and is included in our program at no additional cost to you.



If you have collection accounts and/or charged-off accounts that need to be settled immediately, our Status 9 Negotiation Process is designed to get you great results quickly and economically. This service is not included in our program; however, cost for this service is based on our performance.

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