Texas Credit Specialists Testimonials | Texas Credit Specialists
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Texas Credit Specialists Testimonials

These are real testimonials that our clients have experienced at TCS.  We have guided people through our program and have watched them achieve their goals of higher scores, new homes, new cars and even HUGE Settlements. Take a little time and read them all!






A few months ago, I received a call from a debt collector trying to collect a debt of $3,500 they said that I owed.  They scared me when they told me that the IRS was involved and that this was a “federal thing”.  Let me tell you, I was so scared I was shaking!


The collector told me that I could avoid a lawsuit if I paid them $2,000. So, I paid them $200 up front and made arrangements to make payments on the $1800 balance.


When I spoke to my sister about the call and the money that I had paid the collector, she filed a complaint and was able to get the $200 back.


A few weeks later I received a call from Mr. Reed, who said that he had heard about the collector threatening me and harassing me and that he would see if he could help.  After listening to all of the details of what I had experienced with the collector, he gathered all the evidence, put together a file and sent the case to an attorney.


Talk about turning the tables on the collector!  I recently learned that the collector has agreed to a settlement.  I’m not allowed to say how much but I can say that it’s more than the collector was trying to collect from me!


Ron, I know that when you and I first spoke, I told you that you would need to talk to my sister because she has my power of attorney.  After me and Lin spoke with you, we felt that we could trust you and that you could help us—and you did! Thank you, Ron, for working with me and helping me put this terrible ordeal behind me. I only wish we could’ve put them out of business!



Susan F.



About a decade ago, I was faced with some trouble I brought onto myself. No criminal trouble or anything like that, but I did get myself in a situation where I went through a divorce. Going through the divorce, I ended up having to foreclose on my house, my ex let a vehicle get repo'ed which was in my name. I knew with all of that going on my credit was shot! And it was, I couldn't get anything in my name, I couldn't even get an ATV.


I had to suck pride up and ask for help. Now if you know me you know that it's not in me to ask anyone for anything. It's a good thing I have an uncle that trusts me and knew that I'd make all my payments on anything I asked him to sign for. So, I was able to get a couple of vehicles through his name, I couldn't even be on the note nowhere. So, for the last six years I been making his credit look good instead of my own.


One day as I was traveling down the interstate, my girlfriend at the time, who is my wife now, called and said she spoke with a guy by the name of Ron Reed. She told me that he was a credit consultant and was willing to help us out on repairing our credit. I was like yeah right my score is in the 300's he can't help me out! With a repo, foreclosure, medical bills, and small loans I hadn't paid on, nah he can't help me out. Well I made the call and spoke with Mr. Reed. He assured me that he could help me get back to where I was, and he didn't lie! My credit was jacked up, it was in the high 400's to the low 500's. In less than a year my scores have jumped into the 700's, scores that I thought I'll never see again. I no longer have anything financed in my uncle's name, it's all in mine.


Thank you, Ron! Thank you... I appreciate everything you and your team has done for me.


A satisfied customer!

Mario W



Ron, Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe that in just a short amount of time my credit has improved enough to make it possible for us to buy a new home. At the start of this journey you asked what my goal was. I told you I wanted to buy a house within the next year. I’m happy to say I am more than satisfied. My credit score went from 520 to 700. I would recommend you to anyone that has credit issues. Thanks again for your help.


Steven C



I worked with Ron at his previous business and witnessed remarkable credit score results, some scores increasing over 300 points! Ron is an authority in his field. He is proficient, professional and knowledgeable – and will recover every point possible for each client. And perhaps, above all, I have met very few people as honest as he is – a trait extremely rare in this business. He was a great colleague to work with, and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.


Paul Trudeau




My Wife and I have ridiculous credit because of Ron Reed and Texas Credit Specialists. I personally went from a 580 credit score to now a little over 800. Not only did Ron help clear our credit reports but he continues to work with us and help us whenever any credit related issues may occur. If you're looking to buy a house or need your credit for anything important in your life and have bad credit, you can't afford not to see what Ron can do for you. Thanks Ron!


Chase P





In just over a year, Ron has helped me successfully hold three debt collection companies accountable for their actions. In the first two, I only received a monetary settlement for $1,000; however, both accounts were removed from my credit report and both debts (totaling $2,350) were forgiven! I recently learned that the third case just settled for a HUGE amount of money! Of course, that debt has also been forgiven and the account is to be removed from my credit report. Also, because Ron has helped me with my credit situation, I will be buying my very first home in just a few months! Without the help of Ron’s attention to detail and availability to answer my questions and concerns, I would not have been able to accomplish this. I would definitely recommend Texas Credit Specialists to anyone that needs help with their credit scores, and to anyone that has been harassed or threatened by a debt collector. Thank for your help!


Shannon M



Like a lot of people, I had heard numerous horror stories of fly-by-night credit repair companies that don't deliver. I can’t speak for any other companies because I have only worked with Ron Reed, but I can't imagine a better credit repair specialist out there.


Scott T



If you’re considering using Ron Reed to fix your credit and need a reference, you are talking to the expert. I didn’t use Ron just once; I used his service two times.


Randy G