What to Do When a Collector Calls You
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What to Do When a Collector Calls You

If you are contacted by a Debt Collector, the best thing to do is not panic! Here’s what we recommend:


  • Save all communications from a collector. DO NOT DELETE! This includes correspondence received by mail, email, and voice mail or text messages. All of these have the potential to contain violations.
  • If you don’t recognize a phone number on your phone, let the call go to voice mail, if you can. If the call is from a Debt Collector and they leave you a voice mail message, please forward the message to me ASAP to the email address below. NOTE: You may need an app to do this.
  • If the caller fails to leave you a message, you can text or email the phone number so we can research who called you and determine the best action to take.
  • We recommend that you never speak to a Debt Collector unless you can record the call. If you don’t have one, I can recommend a good call recorder app for you. NOTE: Telephone recording laws vary from state to state. Be sure to check the law in your state before recording.
  • Don’t admit to the debt.
  • Discuss your situation with us prior to contacting or paying a Debt Collector.



About Our Services


We work with various attorneys who specialize in FDCPA cases. There is no out-of-pocket expense to you, the Client. All costs come from a potential monetary settlement obtained by an FDCPA attorney. If there is no settlement, there is absolutely no cost to you.  Also, cases rarely, if ever, go to trial. In fact, none of the hundreds of cases we’ve worked to date has gone to trial.

Every attorney that we work with has three goals when pursuing a case against an illegal Debt Collector:

  • To acquire a monetary settlement.
  • To get the debt forgiven, if possible, in order to prevent the debt from being sold to another collector.
  • To get the account removed from Client’s credit report, if possible.


If you are currently receiving calls from a debt collector and would like to speak with someone regarding your situation, give me a call at 972-658-3562 or email me at ron.reed(at)TCS720.com.


Ron Reed
(972) 658-3562 DIRECT

About the Author /


I am in my 15th year of helping Clients increase their credit scores so that they can realize their dreams and accomplish their goals. For the past 5 years, we have also helped hundreds of Clients fight back against bad Debt Collectors who have violated the Client's rights. I refer my Clients to attorneys who work hard to accomplish 3 things for my Client when suing a Debt Collector: 1) a monetary settlement; 2) forgiveness of the debt; and 3) removal from the Client's credit report, if the account is being reported. Take time to look around our website and feel free to call or text me at (972) 658-3562. Thanks for visiting! -Ron Reed

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